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Manufacturer (Germany)

Bilz Vibration Technology AG is located in Southwestern Germany, in the city of Leonberg, near Stuttgart. Bilz Vibration has specialized in machine mounting technology with a focus on vibration isolation and is one of the world’s leading anti-vibration specialists. Supplying products to machine and equipment manufactures as well as the automobile industry and its suppliers. Vibration isolation is always an issue when it comes to precision, but also to the protection of people, machines, and the environment from unwanted vibrations. More than 50 years of experience in the field of vibration technology enables Bilz to offer a very wide range of products. These products include: simple isolation pads, rubber and membrane air springs, mechanical and Electro-Pneumatic Position Control systems, and Active vibration Isolation Systems.  Effective and cost efficient solutions for nearly every problem caused by vibration – this is the claim that Bilz Vibration Technology AG meets successfully every day worldwide.

North American Distributor

Bilz Vibration Technology, Inc. (Bilz NA) was founded in 2005 as the exclusive North American distributor for Bilz Vibration Technology AG. The ownership of Bilz NA has been involved with the supplying of the complete Bilz product line in North America since 1994.  A large inventory of Bilz products is stocked in Cleveland, OH to service the North American market. We work with Independent Manufacturer Representatives to provide local representation of the product lines throughout North America. Additional product lines are also represented to provide a wide array of vibration isolation and precision leveling products.


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