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Vibration Site Survey

Vibration Site Survey

Measurement Vibration Analysis

We record measurements of floor vibration and mechanical shocks using the most modern high precision dynamic signal analyzer in conjunction with three accelerometers mounted in the X-Y-Z axes on a solid base. 

Our decades of experience in the field of vibration technology guarantees technically and economically reliable solutions for your problems.


The technical measurement of vibrations emanating from a source as the basis for vibration control measures for compliance with statutory limits

An example of the need for vibration analysis is the installation of high-precision 3D measuring machines and other testing, measuring or grinding. In general, the measurements shall be such machines at the planned installation site will be carried out to ensure that existing ground vibration do not exceed the allowable values.

For this purpose, the vibration accelerations within a given frequency spectrum (1-100 Hz) were recorded as a simple summation value measurement would provide only insufficient information on the exact environmental conditions. The evaluation of the force-distance signals is done with a fast Fourier analyzer, indicating for each frequency of the spectrum the corresponding measured value (vibration acceleration in g). If the disturbances (vibration exposure) exceed the permissible range, the appropriate isolation can be determined with the help of our high precision dynamic signal analyzer .

Very accurate vibration analysis in the lower frequency range can also be performed with highly sensitive geophones. With the geophones vibration speeds of less than 0.01 microns /s in the range of 0.2 to 30 Hz can be recorded. Particularly in the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries as well as for high-precision 3D measurement machines are required very precise vibration measurements for optimum and customized design.

Three (X-Y-Z) accelerometers, Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzer, Laptop

Three accelerometers, Data Physics SignalCalc Dynamic Signal Analyzer, Laptop

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Bilz catalog pages on Vibration Site Survey can be downloaded: Bilz Vibration Technology Inc – Vibration Measurement Analysis-pp 88-89

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