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Vibration Survey – Vibration & Shock Data Analysis

Vibration Survey – Vibration & Shock Data Analysis

Vibration Survey – Vibration & Shock Data Analysis

Bilz Vibration Technology Engineers are experienced in carrying out Vibration Surveys using only the most advanced technologies, and analyzing the resulting data to make recommendations in terms of whether vibration control is necessary, if so to what degree, and how to best provide an efficient cost effective solution.

We can carry out surveys prior to installation or for machine/equipment relocation purposes: from vibration surveys for CMM-Coordinate Measuring Machines to specialist surveys for the Semiconductor industry. Bilz Vibration Technology offers an accurate, reliable and professional service.

• Floor vibration measured in three axis simultaneously using special low frequency accelerometers.
• Acceleration data analyzed using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to determine the frequency content of the data.
• Comprehensive report of findings including graphs of Acceleration, Velocity, or Displacement Vs. Frequency.
• Data is presented in units as required by the machine manufacturers floor vibration criteria which may include: Power Spectral Density (g2/Hz), 1/3 Octave, g’s, m/s2, m/s, etc.

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  • Lab table with granite table top supported by Bilz Active vibration isolation

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