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B 6 – 15 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad

B 6 – 15 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad

Range of application:

Vibration isolation pad with extremely high load capacity coupled with maximum level consistency. For very heavy and long-bed machines.  Applications include: Boring machines, Grinders, Machining Centers, Transfer Lines, Turning Centers (large), etc.

Type: B 6

Load range: 72 to 508 psi (50-350 N/cm2)

Thickness: 0.98″ (25mm)

Coefficient of friction installed on industrial concrete floor: 0.6

88 Shore A Hardness

Dynamic Vertical and Horizontal Natural Frequencies for Bilz Model B 6 Vibration Isolation Pad

Can Be Used With

  • bilz-pka-pkd
  • Bolt Thru Precision Leveling Wedges for mounting to the foundation

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