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B 4 – 15 mm thick, Vibration Isolation pad

B 4 – 15 mm thick, Vibration Isolation pad

Range of application:

Universal material. Extremely well suited for machines with a tendency to “migrate”.

Applications include: Arbor presses, Bookbinding machines, Die Casting machines, Drill presses, Extruding machines, Granulators, Graphic machines, Headers, Horizontal Bulldozer presses, Injection Molding machines, Knurling machines, Machine tools, Milling machines, Nail Heading machines, Packaging machines, Plasma Jet Spray machines, Metal Forming machines, Plastic Printing machines, Printing machines, Saws, Shears, Spline Rolling machines, Spring Winding and Forming machines, Stretching machines, Swaging machines, Thread Rolling machines.

Type: B 4

Load range: 43.5 to 145 psi (30-100 N/cm2)

Thickness: 0.59″ (15mm)

Coefficient of friction installed on industrial concrete floor: 0.8

Waffle pattern can be installed on uneven floors.

90 Shore A Hardness

Can be supplied also with profile on one side only! Type B 4-1


Dynamic Vertical and Horizontal Natural Frequencies for Bilz Type B 4 Vibration Isolation Pad

Can Be Used With

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  • leveling feet with flexibly attached screw
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