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Vibration isolation of automobile test engine stand

Vibration isolation of automobile test engine stand

In recent years, ever higher requirements of test stands and test systems for the automobile industry have led to the need for improved performance of vibration isolation systems. BILZ low natural frequency membrane air springs with level control systems are ideally suited for this demanding application.

BILZ services:

• interpretation and supply of the vibration isolation system

• supply and installation of cast iron bed plates to customer’s request

• installations & commissioning of the vibration isolation system

Experience of many years has BILZ in the vibration isolation of:

• engine test stands

• swiveling test stands

• formula 1 test stands (BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Ferrari, Toyota, Renault)

• gear test stands

• acoustic engine test stands

• acoustic roll test stands

• shaker

• sliding tables

• cylinder test stands

• special test stands

• hydraulic pulsating machines

• heavy shaker test stands

• road simulation test stands


Can Be Used With

  • bilz-biair
  • Faebi Rubber air springs
  • bilz-pvm-valve
  • bilz-vibration-foundation

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