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Vibration Isolated Special Tables – Model LTH-S

Vibration Isolated Special Tables – Model LTH-S

Special dimensions:

It’s possible to supply special dimensions, higher loads, stainless steel solutions or a high end solution with the BILZ Active Isolation System-AIS™ system available upon request.

Range of application

Vibration insulation of optical and opto-electronic working stations and small, high precision table top measuring instruments, e.g. roundness testers, gear measuring machines, surface measuring machines, etc.

General system properties

Vertical natural frequency: approx. 1.5 Hz 

Horizontal natural frequency: approx. 2.5 Hz

• Adjustable leveling feet, caster wheels

Rigid, welded steel frame with integrated BiAir® air springs in the table leg.

• Mechanical-Pneumatic level control with level accuracy of ±0.0004″ (± 0.01 mm) and a pneumatic filter/regulator unit.

Stainless Vibration Isolated Table

Vibration Isolated Table – Stainless Steel

Can Be Used With

  • bilz-biair
  • bilz-pvm-valve
  • leveling feet with flexibly attached screw
  • BNV leveling feet
  • leveling feet

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