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Vibration isolated platforms

Vibration isolated platforms

Vibration Isolated Platforms

Our years of experience in the field of vibration isolation combined with our broad range of standard products guarantee the best technical and cost effective solution.

 1. Vibration Analysis

To optimize the design layout and achieve the best isolation results BILZ starts by conducting a vibration site survey and analysis. BILZ uses high end FFT-Analyzers along with the best seismic acceleration sensors and geophones available.

2. Engineering and Design

Complementing our broad range of products, BILZ offers customized systems and solutions that guarantee superior results. Engineering and design is part of our core business and our technical leadership is advanced through R&D and continuous improvement.

3. Production

Production, assembly and quality control is in house and located within our headquarters in Stuttgart-Leonberg, Germany. Special requirements such as: Cleanroom packaging or special logistic solutions can also be offered. BILZ is ISO 9001 certified.

4. Installation

System installation can be conducted by BILZ field service engineers or by trained customer staff. The BILZ Active Electro-Pneumatic Isolation System can be installed and put into operation, including acceptance test, in one or two days. BILZ guarantees global service and support, with representatives in more than 50 countries.

Field of application

In many leading edge industries the equipment and process requirements are becoming more demanding. Sub-micron, nano or even angstrom resolution is becoming a common customer requirement. Due to facility and on site conditions, e.g. floor vibration, these resolutions are very hard to reach. High end microscopes, metrology, inspection, and repair equipment as well as other sensitive tools in the semiconductor industry, microbiology and scientific research will not perform to specification without adequate vibration isolation. Isolated platforms are used when the equipment does not have an internal vibration isolation system or when the internal system is not effective enough in isolating the external vibration.

System design

Based on customer requirements of isolation performance and onsite conditions, BILZ can design and build customize systems using cost effective passive isolators with level control or for very high end requirements, the cutting edge active AIS™ isolation system in 6 degrees of freedom. The platforms are customized and optimized in terms of rigidity, weight, dimensions, center-of-gravity, and choice of isolators according to customer requirements.


Depending on the customer requirements, floor conditions and system design of the isolated platforms, BILZ will enable your machine to meet vibration criteria of VC-D (<6μm/s) and VC-E (<3μm/s). This allows our customers to reach specifications from nano to sub-angstrom resolution.

Can Be Used With

  • Wafer Mask Inspection Tool
  • Lab table with granite table top supported by Bilz Active vibration isolation

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