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Paramed MRI

Paramed MRI

Machine Data
Paramed Medical Systems MRI
Weight of MRI: 10,450 pounds
Max Patient Weight: 350 pounds
Platform Weight: 500 pounds
Total Isolated Weight: 11,300 pounds
Paramed MRI

Products Used
Qty (4) BiAir 2-ED/HE Low natural Frequency Membrane Air Springs
Qty (1) MPN-PVM Level Control System
Qty (1) DR-500 Air Compressor
Qty (1) Fabricated Stainless Steel Platform

Project Goals
To improve the image quality of the MRI.  We accomplished this by isolating the mechanical vibrations in the building and thus reducing the amplitudes to less than 100 ug (micro g).


Paramed MRI

Can Be Used With

  • Lab table with granite table top supported by Bilz Active vibration isolation

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