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Level Controller Systems

Level Controller Systems

Level control is an important part of an optimally functioning air spring system. The automatic level controller can be utilized to overcome the problem associated with load changes in air spring isolated machines, which can result in tilting of the machine. The height of the specific elements BiAir® or FAEBI® can be controlled by changing the air pressure in the air spring isolators. Quick inflation or deflation will hold the machines level even if their center of gravity keeps changing.

Control circuit

The circuit consists of at least three air springs. If more air springs are needed for structural or loading reasons, the system must always include 3 position level controllers to avoid a statically over determinate system. This is achieved by connecting sets of air springs in parallel.

Can Be Used With

  • bilz foundation insulation with bi air
  • bilz-isolated-foundation-faebi
  • bilz-isolated-foundations
  • bilz-vibration-foundation
  • bilz-lth-granite-table
  • bilz-lth-special-tables
  • bilz-lth-optical-table
  • bilz-biair
  • Faebi Rubber air springs
  • vibration-isolation-platform
  • bilz-vitap-bm
  • bilz-vitap-bc

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