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Isolated Foundations

Isolated Foundations

Example: Foundation insulation with insulation plate sets and lost form work

BILZ insulating plates are ideally suited for vibration suppression of foundations and baseplates

The main purpose of the foundation is to stabilize the machine as well as to increase the moment of inertia. The foundation thus positively influences machine vibration by reducing the amplitude of oscillation. It is wrong, however, to assume that any foundation large enough would eliminate all vibration problems. It is important that as much information as possible be supplied regarding the machine to be isolated, this will include machine size and weights, any dynamic features of its operation, location including ground type, condition where optimal performance is required and a vibration analysis of the machine and site conditions. A correct isolation between machine foundation and the surrounding area will result in trouble free operation. As a result of years of experience we have the necessary experience in this field. At your request we can offer all other related services including measuring of vibrations, planning and construction design.

Application below:

Due to technological advances in concrete construction (prefabricated concrete slabs, improved formwork techniques), the technically superior solution of isolation without the use of mineral fibre fillings is increasingly being adopted.

Application above:

Application example in the plant of a major automobile manufacturer. Passive insulation protection of a Waldrich-Coburg portal milling machine from the pressing mechanism sector.

Total mass: approx. 1200 to. Illustration 1, 2, 3: Depositing of BILZ insulation plates (green) and padding of the spaces with mineral fibre insulation plates (sacrifice formwork). Illustration 4: Covering of the entire area first with PVC sheeting as used for construction work, and then with mineral fibre cover plates. All joints must be pasted/glued together. Illustration 5, 6: Mounting of reinforcement. Illustration 7, 8: Filling in of concrete.


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