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CMM Platform

CMM Platform

Products Used
Qty (4) Bilz BiAir 0.5-ED Air Springs with Vertical Natural Frequency: 2.5 Hz and Horizontal Natural Frequency: 2.7 Hz.
Qty (1) Bilz MPN-PVM-KS Mechanical-Pneumatic Level Control System with accuracy of +/- 10 micron.
Qty (1) WFD-M Air Maintenance Unit
Qty (1) Custom Steel Fabricated Platform

Project Goals
To meet and exceed the CMM manufacturers allowable floor vibration criteria for the CMM by attenuating / reducing the floor vibrations created by Machining Centers adjacent to the inspection room.

Machine Data
Mfg: Brown & Sharpe
Model: Global 555 / 575
Machine Weight: 1,400 pounds

Can Be Used With

  • bilz-biair-epn
  • bilz-pvm-valve
  • Faebi Rubber air springs
  • Bilz Faebi-HD Rubber Air Spring

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