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Brown n Sharp CMM One

Brown n Sharp CMM One

Machine Data
Brown & Sharpe ONE 7.7.5 CMM
Accuracy: 8 μm; Repeatability: 2μm
Weight of CMM: 2,132 pounds
Max Part Weight: 1,100 ponds
Platform Weight: 680 pounds
Total Isolated Weight: 3,912 pounds

Products Used
Qty (3) BiAir 1-ED Low natural Frequency Membrane Air Springs
Qty (1) MPN-PVM Mechanical-Pneumatic Level Control System
Qty (3) PK 4 Precision Leveling Wedges
Qty (1) Fabricated Steel Platform

Project Goals
To isolate the CMM from disturbance caused by steam driven forging hammers.











Brown n Sharp CMM One

Can Be Used With

  • bilz-biair-epn
  • bilz-pvm-valve
  • bilz-biair

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