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BiAir® Membrane Air Spring Isolator, cast aluminum with powder coating and safety valve

BiAir® Membrane Air Spring Isolator, cast aluminum with powder coating and safety valve

Membrane Air Spring Isolator BiAir®

The Air Spring Vibration Isolator BiAir® consists of a cast aluminum body.  The body’s air volume is enclosed by a thin walled flexible and pressure resistant rolling membrane. The floating piston sits on top of the membrane and is inserted into the air volume. This design causes highly effective vibration isolation. In order to simultaneously achieve a high degree of damping, the air space is divided into two chambers (load/damping) that are connected by an external tube.  This tube includes an adjustable throttle valve that allows the machine installer to externally adjust the amount of dampening to suit the installation. With the friction generated by the throttle valve, a dampening ratio of up to 20% can be achieved. Also, damage to the rolling membrane due to over pressurization is prevented via a safety valve.

Range of Applications

Highly effective isolation of vibration for sensitive measurement and testing equipment, precise finishing machines, laser equipment and optical and electronic instruments. Another important application is the vibration isolated mounting of test stands for the motor vehicle, transmission and other industries. BiAir® Air Spring Isolators provide excellent isolation of foundation and equivalent machine loads.

Advantages over Conventional Steel Springs
BiAir® Air Spring Isolators with level control provide active leveling. The correct level of machines and foundations is maintained constantly! Level control and adjustment is conducted automatically! Furthermore, changes in load result in appropriate adjustments to the air pressure in the air springs such that the required isolation remains effective despite changes in the load.

Bilz Leveling Systems
Air springs are available with greater load capacity and lower natural frequencies. Level control provides an important contribution toward the optimal function of an air spring system. If a change in load is likely to occur on the equipment mounted with an air spring system, such that compression of one of the springs or an inclination of the equipment will result, a leveling system might be the only solution available. The change in air pressure in the air spring isolators adjusts the height of the individual air springs (BiAir® or FAEBI®). By quickly pressurizing or de-pressurizing the springs, the proper level can be maintained despite variations in the position of the load.

Control System
The leveling system consists of at least three air springs. Even if several isolators are required for design or load reasons, three control groups are necessary in order to avoid a statically over determinate system. In such a case, multiple air springs are grouped together and controlled in parallel.


ModelØ AWØ CH - Operating HeightMax. Load at 58 psi internal pressureMax. Load lb-f at 87 psi internal pressureNatural Frequency, Vertical approximatelyNatural Frequency, Horizontal approximately
BiAir 0.5-ED4.72"8.50"5.08"6.18"600 lb-f900 lb-f2.5 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 1-ED6.77"11.34"7.87"6.18"1,425 lb-f2,135 lb-f2.5 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 1.5-ED8.35"12.01"9.06"6.18"2,285 lb-f3,430 lb-f2.5 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 2-ED8.90"13.19"10.24"6.18"3,190 lb-f4,790 lb-f2.5 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 2.5-ED10.67"14.89"11.81"6.18"4,420 lb-f6,630 lb-f2.5 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 3-ED13.70"18.39"15.04"6.18"7,670 lb-f11,510 lb-f2.5 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 4-ED19.29"23.82"20.87"6.18"14,775 lb-f22,155 lb-f2.5 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 5-ED29.41"33.65"31.42"6.18"35,000 lb-f52,510 lb-f2.5 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 1-ED/HE6.77"11.34"7.87"12.09"1,425 lb-f2,135 lb-f1.8 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 1.5-ED/HE8.35"12.01"9.06"12.09"2,285 lb-f3,430 lb-f1.8 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 2-ED/HE8.90"13.19"10.24"12.09"3,190 lb-f4,790 lb-f1.8 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 2.5-ED/HE10.67"14.89"11.81"12.09"4,420 lb-f6,630 lb-f1.8 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 3-ED/HE13.70"18.39"15.04"12.09"7,670 lb-f11,510 lb-f1.8 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 4-ED/HE19.29"23.82"20.87"12.09"14,775 lb-f22,155 lb-f1.8 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 4-ED/HE-Max19.29"23.82"20.87"19.96"14,775 lb-f22,155 lb-f1.1 Hz2.8 Hz
BiAir 5-ED/HE-Max29.41"33.65"31.42"19.96"35,000 lb-f52,510 lb-f1.1 Hz2.0 Hz

ModelØ A (mm)W (mm)Ø C (mm)H - Operating Height (mm)Max. Load N at 4 bar internal pressureMax. Load N at 6 bar internal pressure Natural Frequency (Hz), Vertical approximatelyNatural Frequency (Hz), Horizontal approximately
BiAir 0.5-ED120216129157267040002.52.8
BiAir 1-ED1722882000157633095002.52.8
BiAir 1.5-ED21230523015710 17015 2602.52.8
BiAir 2-ED22633526015714 20021 3002.52.8
BiAir 2.5-ED27137830015719 67029 5002.52.8
BiAir 3-ED34846738215734 13051 2002.52.8
BiAir 4-ED49060553015765 73098 6002.52.8
BiAir 5-ED747855798157155 730233 6002.52.8
BiAir 1-ED/HE1722882000157633095001.82.8
BiAir 1.5-ED/HE21230523015710 17015 2601.82.8
BiAir 2-ED/HE22633526015714 20021 3001.82.8
BiAir 2.5-ED/HE27137830015719 67029 5001.82.8
BiAir 3-ED/HE34846738215734 13051 2001.82.8
BiAir 4-ED/HE49060553015765 73065 7301.82.8
BiAir 4-ED/HE-Max49060553050765 73065 7301.12.8
BiAir 5-ED/HE-Max747855798507155 730233 6001.12.0

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