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B 13 W – 13 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad

B 13 W – 13 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad

Range of application

Special material for highest vibration isolation efficiency.  Material can be stacked up to 5 layers with B 8 anti slip pads installed between each pair of B 13 W pads.  Natural frequencies in the vertical axes as low as 7-8 Hz. Recommended for use as vibration isolation pad sets for reinforced concrete inertia blocks, machine foundations and press pits.  See Bilz Foundation Systems for more details.

Type: B 13 W

Load range: 7.25 to 58 psi (5-40 N/cm2)

Thickness: 0.59″ (15mm)

Coefficient of friction installed on industrial concrete floor: 0.8

Waffle pattern can be installed on uneven floors.

53 Shore A Hardness


Dynamic Vertical and Horizontal Natural Frequencies for Bilz Type B 13 W Vibration Isolation Pad

Can Be Used With

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