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Vibration Isolation Rubber Pads

Bilz Vibration Isolation Rubber Pads are constructed with highly developed materials.  The materials protect against vibration and structure borne noise in many industrial applications. Manufactured from a carefully controlled bond of nitrile rubber (NBR), cork particles, and a polyester fiber net. Furthermore, they possess all of the physical and mechanical characteristics that are currently state of the art technology. As a result, one major advantage of these newly developed Rubber Pads is their resistance to modern cooling lubricants.  This allows them to be used for mounting machinery in oil sumps without any problems.


Particularly noteworthy is the excellent compression set values of the Bilz Vibration Isolation Rubber Pads. Consequently, this is very significant when there are two main objectives.  Ensuring vibration isolation when mounting modern machine tools and maintaining geometric precision for a number of years into the future.


There are nine different types of Bilz Vibration Isolation Rubber Pads available.  This provides you with the best technically and economically optimal solution for any vibration isolation problem. Finally, these vibration isolation rubber pads were designed with specific kinematic requirements of lathe, milling, grinding, and plastic injection molding machines, as well as stamping and punch presses.  A table is available to view some of the most common applications and the Bilz recommended vibration isolation rubber pad materials for them.  Catalog pages on the Bilz Vibration Isolation Pad Materials can be downloaded at Bilz Vibration Technology Inc – Vibration Isolation Pad-pp 10-17 (2.5 MB file).


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Temperature Operating Range
250 F to -5 F (+ 120 C to – 20 C)
Long Product Life
The service life of these vibration isolation pad materials are nearly unlimited when the maximum load conditions are observed.  Minimal compression set.
Chemical Resistant
Especially relevant is their extraordinarily resistance to industrial oils, grease, acids, etc. Absolutely unaffected by coolants, permitting installation of machines in oil sumps. Extremely high degree of resistance to conventional oils, grease, acids, etc.  Completely resistant to cooling emulsions, which allows for machine mounting in oil sumps.
Group: Lubricants
Grease for roller bushings and bearings, Transmission grease
Group: Synthetic Lubricants
Polyethylene Glycol, Carbonate Ester, Radiator Antifreeze
Group: Cleaning Fluids
Chlorinated hydrocarbons, Petroleum based cleaning solvents, Organic cleaning solvents
Group: Fuels
Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Fuel, Aviation Fuel, Other fuels

Group: Fire Resistant Fluids
Oil in Water emulsions, Water in Oil emulsions, Water Polymer solutions

Group: Mineral Oils
Water soluble cooling lubricants and corrosion inhibitors, ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), Cooling lubricants, Surface contact oils, Pneumatic oils, Lubrication oils, Oils for heating elements, Filter oils, Cylinder roller oils, Vehicle transmission oils, Mineral oil based brake fluids.

Group: Detergent (Water Solutions)
Detergents, Wetting agents, Diluted acids, Diluted lye, Salt solutions

B 4 – 15 mm thick, Vibration Isolation pad


B 0 – 15 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad


B 6 – 15 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad


B 5 – 25 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad


B 50 – 25 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad


B 30 – 18 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad


B 32 – 25 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad


B 30 W – 18 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad


B 13 W – 13 mm thick, Vibration Isolation Pad

BS1, BS, BN, BR 7, B 8 Anti-Slip Pads

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