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FAEBI – Rubber Air Springs

The Bilz FAEBI – Rubber Air Springs are used for the highly effective isolation of machines, instruments, and assemblies from shocks, vibrations, and structure borne noise. The air spring is made of a bell shaped rubber form made from high grade rubber in addition to having a reinforced sidewall. The constructive design achieves excellent isolation properties in addition to maintaining very high mechanical stability. Furthermore, it is virtually impossible for damage due occur to overload or a sudden pressure drop. The FAEBI – Rubber Air Springs have a very low degree of deflection in the horizontal direction. Anti-slip pads are bonded to the bottom of the base plate of the air spring. Therefore, floor anchoring is typically not required.

Applications for FAEBI – Rubber Air Springs

Consequently, these FAEBI – Rubber Air Springs are perfectly suited for source isolation of High Speed Presses, Forging Hammers, Stamping Presses, Turret Punching Machines, Vibration Welders, Shakers, Engine Dynamometers Test Stands, and other machines and assemblies with highly dynamic disturbance forces. Also provides passive isolation for measuring and testing machines.

Shock and Vibration Isolation

The natural frequency of the FAEBI – Rubber Air Springs in the vertical direction is between 3 and 14 Hz.  The natural frequency is dependent on the static load and the model of the FAEBI – Rubber Air Spring. The maximum spring deflection in response to shocks or vibrations is less than 15 mm (9/16″). This is dependent on the size and the model of the FAEBI – Rubber Air Spring. See FAEBI Natural Frequency Chart or FAEBI-HD Natural Frequency Chart for more details.

Options for Faebi – Rubber Air Springs

The Faebi-HD model with additional dampening to reduce the deflections in the vertical direction is available.

The FAEBI VA model in stainless steel and EPDM rubber is available for outdoor applications.  Example: Air Conditioner.

A Protective Cover can be installed over the top of the air spring if the contact surface on the top of the FAEBI rubber air spring is not completely covered by the bottom of the machine.

A Level Control system can be supplied with the FAEBI rubber air springs to maintain levelness within ± 100μ (±0.004″).

Faebi Rubber air springs

FAEBI – Rubber Air Spring Isolator

Bilz Faebi-HD Rubber Air Spring

Faebi-HD Rubber Air Spring Isolator with adjustable dampening


FAEBI in Stainless Steel and EPDM rubber

Level Controller Systems

Protective cover for FAEBI®

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