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Aluminum Precision Leveling Wedges

Aluminum Precision Leveling wedge

Bilz aluminum Precision Leveling Wedges are manufactured in three different models: Free Standing (PK #-AL model), Bolt-On to the machine (PKA #-AL model), Bolt-Thru to the foundation (PKD #-AL model).  The leveling wedge design provides the highest precision leveling range of ± 0.0004″  (1/100 mm).  Once the height is set, the self-locking design of the leveling wedge prevents any changes to this setting.  The machine is supported by the large support surface of the precision leveling wedge which provides better support and rigidity when compared to leveling elements using a threaded rod for height adjustment.  In applications when the goal is for precision leveling only, these precision leveling wedges can be supplied without any vibration isolation rubber pads.  If vibration isolation and precision leveling is needed, any of the Bilz vibration isolation rubber pads can be bonded to the leveling wedge which will provide both shock and vibration isolation as required for your particular type of application.

The Bilz aluminum Precision Leveling Wedges, models PKAK #-AL and PKDK #-AL are equipped with the optional spherical seat installed on the top surface of the wedge.  The spherical seat option is used with there bottom of the machine foot and the floor are not parallel.  This is of concern when installing machines with long beds and/or critical alignment.  The Bolt-on to the machine wedge with spherical seat is the PKAK #-AL model; Bolt-through to the foundation with spherical seat is the PKDK #-AL model. 

There are eight different types of vibration isolation pad materials available to provide the best technically and economically optimal solution for any vibration problem. These vibration isolation pad materials were designed with specific kinematic requirements of lathe, milling, grinding, and plastic injection molding machines, as well as stamping and punch presses.  A table is available for you to view the most common applications and the Bilz recommended vibration isolation pad materials for them.

Bilz offers eight of its standard rubber rubber vibration isolation pads to be mounted on the bottom surface.  The top surface is typically supplied with an anti-slip pad for the PK #-AL model.  The PKA #-AL and PKD #-AL models are typically supplied without any rubber pad material.  However, for supporting machinery with very aggressive horizontal forces, the model BS rubber anti-slip pad material can be mounted to the top surface.

Wedges can be manufactured with custom heights provided sufficient quantities are ordered.  For smaller size orders, these wedges can be supplied with a bolted on nylon spacer plate.  Spacer plates can also be supplied in other materials.


Aluminum Precision Leveling Wedge, Bolt On Version – Model PKA #-AL

Bolt Thru Precision Leveling Wedges for mounting to the foundation

Aluminum Precision Leveling Wedges Bolt Thru – Model PKD #-AL


PKAK #-AL Aluminum Bolt On Leveling Wedge w-Spherical Seat


PKDK #-AL Aluminum Bolt Thru Leveling Wedge w-Spherical Seat

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