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Precision Leveling Wedges

The Bilz precision leveling wedges (PK) for vibration and structure-borne noise isolation offer optimum support and stiffening of the machine bed, due to their large contact area. They are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions as free-standing, bolt-on to the machine or bolt-thru to the foundation design.  The proven design principle enables the machine to be quickly leveled to a degree of leveling in the 1/100 mm (0.0004”) range even at loads of 100 tons per wedge.  The powerful self-locking effect of the leveling bolt prevents self-loosening under the effects of vibration. Depending on the application, their use in conjunction with Bilz isolation pads creates the perfect rigidity with very effective vibration isolation. 

General information

  • On request we supply special solutions in terms of color, isolation pad mounting and dimension.
  • Allowable temperature range: -20 °C to +120 °C (-5 to +250 °F).
  • To simplify handling the upper or lower wedge can be secured with a tension spring.
  • The general tolerances in accordance with ISO 2768 vL apply to the specified lengths and widths. The specified height at the center position is subject to a tolerance of ± 1mm (±0.04″).

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