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Machine Leveling Mounts

Machine leveling mounts − We offer various types of machine leveling mounts.

  1. Heavy Duty machine leveling mounts made of cast iron, 1″ (25mm) thick rubber vibration isolation pad bonded on the bottom, and a center jack bolt on the top for height adjustment.  Available with different types of rubber vibration isolation pads as well as with or without a mounting plate. Models BNSH and BNSHA
  2. Machine Levelators made of steel are available in three different sizes in either a Bolt-Thru or Bolt-On design.  Precise and accurate machine positioning and leveling.  The Machine Levelators securely anchors a machine to the floor or foundation.  Model AMT-ML.

Horizontal mounts − leveling foot attached to a 90° angle plate which is bolted to the concrete floor.  This arrangement provides a horizontal force to prevent machinery with high horizontal acceleration forces from waking on the concrete floor.  For even larger forces, we offer larger 90° angle plates with a Bilz precision leveling wedge.

Vibration Isolated Washers − Standard steel washers with vibration isolation pad material bonded to one side of the washer.  Prevents vibrations from traveling to or from the machine through the anchor stud and into the foundation.  Prevents “short-circuiting” of the vibration isolation.

Anchors − We can supply you with the necessary anchors needed for your project.

Machinery Mount

Model BNSH – Cast iron machinery mounts

Machinery Mount with mounting plate

Model BNSHA – Cast iron machinery mounts with mounting plate

Metric threaded rod

Steel, zinc plated threaded rod, flat washers, hex nut

Model ML – Machine Levelator


Horizontal Elements – 90 degree angle plate with adjustable vibration isolation pad


Vibration Isolation Washers


Anchors, Steel and Chemical

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