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Cast Iron Leveling Feet

The cast iron leveling feet provide precision leveling in addition to vibration isolation for load capacities up to 16 635 lb-f. They are available with three different types of vibration isolation pads for many different types of applications. Available in both round and square/rectangle shapes. The top of the cast iron leveling feet have cast in spot face. The machined ball end of the Bilz threaded rods sit in the spot face with up to 3 degrees of floor unlevelness. In addition, the leveling feet can ordered with a threaded rod flexibly attached to the top of the leveling feet.  See models BNRS (round) and BNVS (square/rectangle). 


There are eight different types of vibration isolation pad materials available. As a result they provide the best technically and economically optimal solution for any vibration problem. These vibration isolation rubber pad materials were designed with specific kinematic requirements. Consequently, machines includes lathe, milling, grinding, and plastic injection molding machines, as well as stamping and punch presses work very well installed on these leveling feet.  A table is available to view the most common applications and the Bilz recommended vibration isolation pad materials for them.

Leveling feet with rubber pad, Round

Round Cast Iron Leveling Feet

leveling feet with flexibly attached screw

Round, Cast Iron Leveling Feet with Rubber Pad and Flexibly Attached Screw

BNV leveling feet

Square Cast Iron Leveling Feet

leveling feet

Leveling Feet with Rubber Pad and Flexibly Attached Screw, Cast Iron, Square

threaded rod

Leveling screws for leveling feet models BNVS and BNRS

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