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Mechanical-Pneumatic Level Control Valve Systems

Bilz level control systems are significant components in the optimum function of vibration isolation using FAEBI® and FAEBI®-HD rubber or BiAir® membrane air springs. They reliably prevent any unwanted deflections of the isolators or an out-of-level condition of the machine that can be caused by
load changes on an air spring mounted machine or system. Rapidly adding or venting air enables the air pressure within the air spring to be matched to the respective load, automatically controlling the height of the individual air springs. This enables the highest degree of stability and effective isolation even with changes in the center of gravity.

Valve functions
The level is continuously monitored by the plunger. The position of the plunger is directly applied to the slide valve and the air spring is either pressurized or vented. The target level is adjusted by turning the knurled adjustment ring. The height and level of the machine is adjusted using three valves.

At least three air springs are controlled (Fig. 1). If more isolators are required due to reasons of design or load, the system must still be set up in three controlled groups, as otherwise the system is statically indeterminate. This is achieved by using multiple isolators in parallel as a group (Fig.2). An additional air maintenance unit is installed upstream of the control valves to prepare the compressed air. See also Page 52.

LCV± 100µ, ± 0.1mm, ± 0.004"Standard LCV valve
LCV-HF± 100µ, ± 0.1mm, ± 0.004"LCV valve with High Flow
LCV-H-MINI± 400µ, ± 0.4mm, ± 0.016"LCV valve with Lever Arm. Typically used on table installations.
PVM-KS± 10µ, ± 0.01mm, ± 0.0004"Standard PVM valve
PVM-KS-HF± 10µ, ± 0.01mm, ± 0.0004"PVM valve with High Flow
PVM-KS-H± 300µ, ± 0.3mm, ± 0.012"PVM valve with Lever Arm. Typically used on table installations.
PVM-KS-OP± 10µ, ± 0.01mm, ± 0.0004"Standard PVM valve with push fitting exhaust port.
PVM-KS-HF-OP± 10µ, ± 0.01mm, ± 0.0004"Standard PVM valve with high flow and push fitting exhaust port.

For a typical installation, three level control valves are installed to control the height of either individual air springs and/or groups of air springs.  A compressed air preparation unit is to be installed upstream of the level control valves.  The air system pressure is set to a maximum 87 psi (6 bar).  The required level of filtration is dependent on the type of level control valve installed.  The appropriate filter(s) are installed for removing solid particulates, and an additional air filter is installed to remove oil vapor or liquid from the system, if needed.  Note: The customer is responsible for providing an air system that meets the water vapor requirements for the type of level control valve installed.


Model LCV – Mechanical-Pneumatic Level Control Valves


Model PVM – Mechanical-Pneumatic Level Control Valves

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