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Active Vibration Isolation System-AIS

The manufacture and characterisation of ever smaller components, including structures consisting of just a few molecules or atoms, poses a huge challenge in terms of the vibration isolation required to protect the vibration sensitive facilities. In order to precisely carry out sensitive experiments and measurements on a scale of nanometers (1 nanometer = one millionth of a millimeter), external disturbances, such as fluctuations in temperature, humidity and air pressure, noise, electromagnetic fields and ground vibrations must be kept to a minimum. BILZ Vibration Technology AG has developed international expertise as a professional partner in providing solutions such as lab isolation (foundation block or platform isolation) or direct isolation of highly sensitive machines (installation of isolation systems in facilities / equipment).

Passive membrane air springs, air bearings or active vibration isolation systems are used to provide high quality vibration isolation. Depending on customer requirements, BILZ can also create the complete foundation block or platform design, or help with the layout and structural integration of the isolation system into the machine. We are very proud to have equipped the most modern research labs in the world with sound and vibration isolation, such as the “Präzisionslaboratorien MPI Stuttgart“ (Precision Laboratories) and the “Noise-Free Labs” of the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Centre (IBM/ETH Zurich). In the semiconductor industry, many famous companies such as Applied, Vistec and Zeiss number among our valued customers.


Active Vibration Isolation System AIS™


HAB™ Horizontal Air Spring


Vibration isolated platforms

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