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Test Equipment

Vibration isolation systems by Bilz Vibration Technology have proven themselves on a variety of testing machines used in the Automotive, Aerospace, Material and Product Testing industries.

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Engine and Chassis Dynamometers
BiAir Air Springs are often found under the cast iron bedplate of engine dynamometer

Tire Testers / Road Simulators

Reaction masses for supporting test equipment

Single axes and multi axis Shaker tables

Formula 1 teams trust the measurement analysis results of their engines to components from Bilz. When your objective is to achieve the highest possible performance as measured in thousandths of a second, you choose solutions from Bilz.

The fact that the automobile industry has increased its technical demands on testing and quality control systems during the past several years has led to correspondingly high demands being made on vibration isolation systems. Easy-to-use air spring insulating systems with level control which can be used for a wide range of applications have proven to be an ideal and advantageous solution.

Tensile testing, fatigue testing machines and compression testing machines can create impact and shock. The impact and shock created by these types of machines can create disturbances in the shop floor that effect other critical machines. Products from Bilz Vibration Technology can eliminate these disturbances.

Engine Dyno Stolle Cast Iron Bed Plate with BiAir Air Springs

Engine Dyno on BiAir Air Springs

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